Bay Area Hikes — Over 600 hiking routes with photos, GPS tracks & maps. Residents of San Francisco Bay Area in California are blessed with so much natural beauty! It's pure joy to spend time amid trees, birds, streams, ocean waves, lush green hills, redwoods, lakes and waterfalls.
Puzzles — 75 combinatorial puzzles for computer scientists. These are the best puzzles that I have come across since 1991. You are bound to be delighted :)
Food — In April 2012, I was delighted to discover medical research demonstrating that plant based diets cure heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and early stage prostate cancer. To my surprise, some Olympic champions, body builders and endurance athletes have also thrived by following the same guidelines. After switching to a plant based diet, I noticed a significant increase in mental calmness.
Modular Origami — Photos and instructions for 80 models. Assembling a model needs love and patience for two to twelve hours. Raw material is cheap and instructions for dozens of models are available for free online!
Insights — Articles on positive thinking, thankfulness, self belief, and so on. From 2007 to 2013, I experimented with positive psychology techniques for healing and fitness.
Poetry — Expositions of 60 Hindi movie songs and Sufi compositions. In early 2013, I heard these songs repeatedly to understand their meaning and write expository articles.
Computer Science — From 1991 to 2006, I spent many hours studying computer science and wrote some research papers. These efforts landed me a job at Google and put me in touch with many gifted people.
Meditation — Before 2007, I had absolutely no idea of meditation, even though I grew up in India. That year, I was wading through tumultuous times in my personal life. My mind was disturbed. A ten-day Vipassana silent retreat was a life saver. My mind became calmer and clearer. The change in my mental state was so profound that I felt an urge to tell others about benefits of sitting in silence.
Biking — Descriptions of a bike routes in San Francisco Bay Area, California. With GPS tracks and photos.
Backpacking — Trip reports: two to three day trips in California.
Movies — International arty movies have brought me joy. These include Ikiru, Akahige, Amélie, Baran, Wadjda, Pather Panchali, and so on.
Tabla — Tabla compositions that I was taught in grades 11 and 12. For some reason, tabla compositions are not available online. So I posted whatever I had learnt.
Music — YouTube songs and playlists. For example, classical songs, lullabies and happy songs from Hindi movies.
Snippets — Insightful, inspiring excerpts from books, articles and movies.
Book Reviews — From 1999 to 2012, I browsed through books on various subjects like psychology, sociology, history, fitness, meditation, teaching, learning and so on. I was looking for answers, trying to understand human nature and the world around me. These books helped me in my journey, improving my relationship with myself and with others.
Personal — Tidbits from personal life. Hope they bring you peace and joy! :)
Photos — Over 300 photo albums of hiking trips, origami models and food.
Miscellany — Articles that don't belong elsewhere.


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