Crystal Springs Trail
18 miles     800 ft
5 Apr 2015

Scenic ride all along a bike trail. Mostly shaded, with awesome views of Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir and San Andreas Lake.

Elevation Profile
Trip Planning

Route: MapMyRideStrava. For trail maps, see here and here.

Traffic: The trail is quite popular among walkers, joggers and cyclists. No vehicular traffic.

Climbing: Gently graded climbs. Great for beginners.

Bike Trails: The entire route is along a well maintained bike trail except for a short half-mile section along Skyline Blvd, between Hillcrest Blvd and Larkspur Drive (clearly shown in this trail map).

Views: Gorgeous views of Lower Crystal Springs Lake and San Andreas Lake. See photos.

Water stops and restrooms? Restrooms are available at four locations along the route. See trail map. No water is available.

Good time to visit? Any time of the year. Most of the trail is shaded, so even summer time is great.

Extensions: For a longer ride, consider adding CaƱada Road to the route.


Location: Intersection of Crystal springs Road & Skyline Blvd, Hillsborough, CA 94010 . No street address. Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.


Google Maps:

Parking Fees: Free parking. (last visited: March 2015)

Capacity: Over 50 cars can be parked along Crystal Springs Rd and Skyline Blvd. Crystal Springs is a popular destination among walkers, joggers and bikers.

Latitude: 37.530999     Longitude: -122.363936

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