Sir Francis Drake Blvd — Nicasio Valley Rd — Lucas Valley Rd
43 miles     2900 ft

Yet to do this bike ride and write about it.

Elevation Profile

Yet to write details. For now, trailhead location may be inferred by combining information from the Google Page for GPS Tracks and Trail Maps, if any.

Trip Planning

Yet to do this ride and fill in details below:

Route: MapMyRide.
Free parking may be found in residential areas near Fairfax Library. The first 2.4 miles are a steady climb gaining 400 ft. Sir Francis Drake Blvd has a comfortable bike lane until the intersection with Platform Bridge Rd. The first

Traffic: Not much on a Saturday morning in winter. Comfortable riding.


Bike Trails: None. The entire ride is along paved roads. Almost all roads have bike lanes.

Views: (a) Gorgeous valley views during the initial section until we reach Sameul P Taylor Park. (b) Cool redwoods along the section going through Samuel P Taylor Park. (c) Towns of Olema and Point Reyes Station have cafes, restaurants and grocery stores. (d) Valley views from Point Reyes Station until Lucas Valley Rd. (e) Awesome views of Nicasio Reservoir from multiple locations. (f) Lucas Valley Rd is shaded by tall trees. Slow but steady ascent until we reach the "Big Rock" next to Lucas Valley Rd. Awesome valley views.
No views of the Pacific Ocean.

Water stops and restrooms:

Good time to visit? Whenever the sun is not too hot: spring, autumn and winter.


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