I find books on sociology and anthropology fascinating. They provide us glimpses of societies across space and time. They help us understand the challenges faced by various sections of society, including people that we may never actually meet.
Down to Earth Sociology (14th Ed)
Introductory Readings

by James Henslin, 624 pages, 2007 (Amazon link).

A collection of articles by acclaimed sociologists in plain English. This book is now in its 14th Edition in thirty-five years. It gives glimpses into myriad facets of human behavior. Some of the articles might surprise you.

Family, Kinship and Marriage in India
(Oxford in India Readings in Sociology and Social Anthropology)

by Patricia Uberoi (editor), 512 pages, 1994 (Amazon link).

A collection of essays by renowned anthropologists on family structure and marriage systems in various parts of South Asia. I was introduced to the wide spectrum of marriage systems practiced within India until the 1950s!

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