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Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang

A strong foundation in linear algebra makes it easy to understand techniques in machine learning and statistics. Gilbert Strang is a fantastic professor who has taught this course for over 30 years at MIT.

Combinatorial Equivalences

Seven important theorems in combinatorics are equivalent to each other. Many problems have the Catalan number as their solution.

Extra Credit Linear Time Algorithms

A list of problems that have linear time algorithms. It is fun to discover the algorithms.

LaTeX Tips n Tricks for Conference Papers

Some tricks that help you shrink the size of your conference paper submissions.

My Erdös Number

My Erdös Number is 2, thanks to seven different co-authors whose number is 1.

Emacs Tips and Tricks

Several customizations I made to Emacs in 2002.

Hallmarks of Good Design


Mathematical Recreations: Proofs Without Words

Can mathematical proofs be mere pictures?

Technical Interviews as Socratic Teaching

Technical interviewing involves discussion of a series of inter-related problems, which is essentially Socratic teaching in action!

Restricted BRGC (Binary Reflected Gray Code)

This problem emerged in a research paper published in 2007

Puzzle Sites

A list of sites with CS puzzles.

Machine Learning

Resources for Machine Learning

Natural Language Understanding

Resources for Natural Language Understanding

Reinforcement Learning

Resources for Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning Algorithms

Pointers to Machine Learning Algorithms

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