"Animals Are Very Nice"
3 May 2016

A touching, short YouTube video (2:06) shows a young girl who is distraught that we chop up 'animal-people' and eat them. She is worried that there will be no more animals if we continuing doing so!


Daughter: "I really don't wanna eat animals."

Dad: "Why are you crying? Because that's a turkey... and you don't want to eat animals anymore? So what do you have tell mummy? You want to be a .....?"

Daughter: "I don't know."

Dad: "Say, I'm a 'vegetarian'."

Daughter: "What's a 'vegetarian' do?"

Dad: "They don't eat any animals."

Daughter: "I don't like ..."

Dad: "They just eat vegetables."

Daughter: "But I don't like what people eat ..., animals. I just don't want them to be chopped up! (sobbing)"

Dad: "You don't want them to be chopped up?"

Daughter: (shakes her head from side to side, sobbing)

Dad: "But they taste very good!"

Daughter: "But I don't wanna kill a horsey."

Dad: "We don't eat horses. We only eat turkeys."

Daughter: "Why?"

Dad: (continuing) "... and chicken, and pigs and cows."

Daughter: "But pigs are nice, and chickens are nice, and cows are nice."

Dad: "So we shouldn't eat them, should we not?"

Daughter: "No! Who is chopping them all up?"

Dad: "Farmers."

Daughter: "Why?"

Dad: "Because it's their job. That's how they make a living. That's how they make money."

Daughter: "I don't like that farmers chop people up."

Dad: "They don't chop people up."

Daughter: "I don't like that they chop animal-people up!"

Dad: "Animals?"

Daughter: "Animals are very nice."

Dad: "So you're not gonna eat animals any more, are you?"

Daughter: (nodding, saying no) "And I don't wanna keep them chopping" (sobbing inconsolably) "If this how we keep chopping them up, there will be no more animals."

Dad: (gently laughing) "They'll all be gone, will they? Okay, we'll ask mummy if she will help you be a vegetarian will we?"

Daughter: (crying)

Dad: "Okay, it's alright."

Daughter: "But why do animals need to be chopped up?"

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