"Anything On The Table But Not Animals!"
29 Apr 2017

A little girl explains why she doesn't want to eat animals because she loves them and because they are nice. She is able to switch places with animals and consider the situation from their perspective. She makes her point: "I don't think they like being cooked in the oven!"


Daughter: "I don't wanna eat them ever again."

Mom: "O... Do you think.. But what will you eat instead?"

Daughter: "I will eat whatever there is on the table but not chicken or meat."

Mom: "What do you think.. why do you think you don't want to do that?"

Daughter: "Because they are animals and I like animals."

Mom: "So what will you.. what will we do if we miss eating chicken and meat?"

Daughter: "I don't miss eating chicken and meat!"

Mom: "How about fish?

Daughter: "Fish? Fish.. is it an animal?"

Mom: "Yeah..."

Daughter: "I won't eat that either."

Mom: "Oh my God!"

Daughter: "I won't eat animals!"

Mom: "Okay! So what do you want to eat? What kind of food do you want to eat?"

Daughter: "Anything on the table but not animals!"

Mom: "Why do you feel sorry for animals?"

Daughter: (sad) "Beause they are nice.. and.. and.. I.. and I know that we cook them sometimes, which is not very nice. And I know we like.. to eat.. um.. animals that we cook.. but that's not nice for them!"

Mom: "Do you think they suffer?"

Daughter: "I think that they don't really like being cooked in the oven."

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