Plant-Based Food: Kids Say No To Meat
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Kids Say No To Meat
"You Gotta Take Care Of Them"

A short YouTube video (2:31) shows four year old Luiz Antonio explaining to her mom why he does not want to eat an octopus dish. He says, "You gotta take care of them... and not eat them!"

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"Animals Are Very Nice"

A short YouTube video (2:06) shows a young girl who is distraught that we chop 'animal-people' like pigs and chicken up and eat them.

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"Anything On The Table But Not Animals!"

A short YouTube video (1:35) shows a little girl explaining why she won't eat animals ever again. She makes her point: "Because they are animals and I like animals.", followed by "I think that they don't really like being cooked in the oven."

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3-Year Old Explains Why She Doesn't Eat Fish

A short YouTube video (1:04) shows a young girl who explains that when we eat fish, the fish dies. So she doesn't want to eat fish.

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8-Year Old Child Activist: Genesis Butler

Genesis Butler is only 8 years old. She is already a vegan activist! In 2015, she gave a speech in Long Beach City Council meeting describing the merits of veganism. Her speech influenced the city council to pass a proclamation about veganism, thereby becoming the 17th city in USA and the 6th city in California to do so.

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Mom Interviews Her Vegetarian Daughter

A 6½ year old girl chose to become vegetarian. She is interviewed by her mom to explain her motivation and the challenges that she faces.

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