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Rip Esselstyn Talk on Engine 2 Diet

Notes from a talk by Rip Esselstyn in Palo Alto, June 2012. Rip was promoting his book on plant-strong Engine 2 Diet, which is the foundation of Whole Foods 'Health Starts Here — 28-Day Challenge' program.

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Dr Manthena Raju

A resident of Andhra Pradesh, India, Dr Manthena Raju appeared in a series of 750+ tv shows, advocating healthy living through sufficient water, healthy food and exercise like yoga and pranayama. He is famous for his extensive food guidelines, which are in harmony with those advocated by western doctors like Ornish, Esselstyn, Barnard, McDougall and Fuhrman.

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California Drought, Water and Hamburgers

How much water is used to produce 1 hamburgers? An educational PDF by the Department of Water Resources, California, USA provides us the answer.

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Nutella Ingredients: A Case Study in Food Labels

This visual representation of the raw ingredients of Nutella is quite impactful. I wish we were to build websites or apps showing ingredients in this fashion for every processed food that we buy in supermarkets.

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Cultures That Have Thrived On Plant Based Diets

Tarahumara Indians from Mexico, Okinawans, Seventh Day Adventists, Hunza tribe.

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Why Doctors Don't Recommend Veganism

Videos by Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Greger and Dr John McDougall explaining why veganism is not promoted by medical doctors.

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Awesome Fruits

Two delicious fruits I discovered in Farmers Market in 2012: Quince and Hachiya persimmons.

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