Plant-Based Food: What Are Plant-Based Diets?
What Are Plant-Based Diets?
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Since March 2012, my food habits are in harmony with those advocated by doctors like Joel Fuhrman, Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, Neal Barnard and Gabriel Cousens.
Talks & Seminars By Plant-Based Doctors

Heart disease: Dr Dean Ornish and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn.

Diabetes: Dr Neal Barnard.

General practitioners: Dr Michael Greger, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr John McDougall, Dr Gabriel Cousens.

Fasting: Dr Alan Goldhamer.

Biochemistry: Dr Colin Campbell.

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Three Flavors of Compassion: Self, Others and Environment

People are drawn to plant based diets either by compassion for self, compassion for others, or compassion for the environment. No matter which of these three happens to be the initial driving force, compassion extends to all three over time.

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Heart Disease Statistics for South Asians

This article analyzes the first slide of a presentation given by SAHC (South Asian Heart Center) doctors. The slide uses technical vocabulary. The goal of the article is to explain the slide in simple words. Through this process, we will understand how pervasive and how deadly heart disease happens to be for the South Asian community.

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Is 0% Heart Disease Possible? Yes!

Most of my Indian friends are surprised to know that heart disease can be cured and is 100% preventible. So I share information with them about the scientific studies and clinical trials by Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn. I tell them about Medicare-covered 'Ornish Reversal Program' (since 2010), South Asian Heart Center in California (since 2006), Kaiser Permanente's advocacy of plant based diets (since 2013), Whole Food's Engine 2 Diet (since 2011 or so) and Manthena Raju's 'MOSS-Free Food' (since early 2000s).

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Can Diabetes Be Reversed? Yeah!

Dr Neal Barnard and Dr Gabriel Cousens have written books about reversing diabetes. Dramatic decreases in blood glucose levels and insulin intake are experienced within days of switching to a plant-based diet.

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Lupus Cure by Plant Based Diet?

This article lists books, videos and personal narratives by individuals who have cured lupus by adopting a plant based diet. These stories are super inspiring. Within 90 days, blood tests revealed 'no symptoms of lupus', which surprises doctors.

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Strategies For Transition

Switching to plant-based diets can be done in a variety of ways. You could switch overnight! Or you could introduce changes over time, one by one, Kaizen-style. One of the major challenges faced in transitioning to awesome food habits is addictions to salt, sugar and oils. Fasting is a great tool for resetting taste buds. Finally, for those on daily medication, there are rejuvenation centers where doctors monitor and adjust dosage day by day.

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General Practitioners: McDougall, Fuhrman & Greger

This article mentions Dr Joel Fuhrman, Dr Michael Greger and Dr John McDougall. These three are general practitioners who have written excellent books on plant based diets, especially their impact on overall health. In contrast, Dr Dean Ornish and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn focus on heart disease; Dr Neal Barnard focuses on diabetes.

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