Plant-Based Food: Personal Experience
What Are Plant-Based Diets?
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Kids Say No To Meat
My Food Journey

My food habits have changed over the years: vegetarian food (till age 23) → Standard American Diet (age 24-32) → better food habits (age 33-38) → plant based diet (age 39 onwards). In this article, I share my personal experiences and what motivated me to change.

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Juice Fasting for Calmness and Clarity

A ten day juice fast in February 2012 helped me in two ways. (A) Towards the end of the fast, I started feeling much calmer than before. The change was noticeable and significant. (B) On the fifth day, I learnt about Plant Based Diets. Upon finishing my fast, I permanently transitioned into these food habits.

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Eating Healthy: Challenges I Faced

What are some challenges that people face when it comes to adopting plant based diets?

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