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My food habits have changed over the years: vegetarian food (till age 23) → Standard American Diet (age 24-32) → better food habits (age 33-38) → plant based diet (age 39 onwards). In this article, I share my personal experiences and what motivated me to change.

A ten day juice fast in February 2012 helped me in two ways. (A) Towards the end of the fast, I started feeling much calmer than before. The change was noticeable and significant. (B) On the fifth day, I learnt about Plant Based Diets. Upon finishing my fast, I permanently transitioned into these food habits.

Mostly boiled steel-cut oats + chopped fruits + various nuts and seeds mixed in.

Boiled grains, boiled beans with condiments, steamed veggies, raw veggies, fruits.

What are some challenges that people face when it comes to adopting plant based diets?

Two delicious fruits I discovered in Farmers Market in 2012: Quince and Hachiya persimmons.

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