Mom Interviews Her Vegetarian Daughter
28 Apr 2017

Ruby was 6½ years old when she was interviewed by her Mom about her decision to become a vegetarian.


Mom: "Hello Ruby!"

Daughter: "Hi, Mom!"

Mom: "So, a lot of people asked me why my six and a half year old daughter has chosen to become a vegetarian. So I figured I would make a little video telling them why. Why don't you tell me?"

Daughter: "Because.. um.. (pause) um.. (pause) I just ... I just like animals so much.. and it's really sad that animals have to die so people can eat and have food. So I decided to.. um.. not eat animals, and just eat vegetables, and vegetables are really healthy for you."

Mom: "What other things can you eat instead of animals?"

Daughter: "Peaches, and apples, and lots of fruits and vegetables."

Mom: "Beans?"

Daughter: "Beans.."

Mom: "Yeah. Now is there anybody else in your family that is a vegetrian?"

Daughter: "No."

Mom: "Am I forcing you to be a vegetarian?"

Daughter: "No."

Mom: "Do people kind of laught at you when you tell 'em that you're a vegetarian?"

Daughter: "No!"

Mom: "That's good."

Mom: "What are the best.." (interruption caused by cat on table) "Kitty! Get down! Not at the table!"

(both laughing and giggling)

Mom: "We like them so much we let them sit at the table when we eat our dinner!"

Mom: "Umm. What other vegetarians are in your life? Who in your life is a vegetarian? Coz it's not your family. So who?"

Younger kid (not visible in the video): "My daddy".

Mom: "No, daddy is not a vegetarian, silly boy."

Daughter: "My best friend at school, Ellie."

Mom: "Yeah."

Daughter: "She's.. She's trying to be a vegetarian She says she was on a farm. So... She doesn't eat them. But um.. When they are babies, they don't do this and she didn't tell what they do. When they are grown up, they take their gun and they shoot the big ones and they eat them for Thanksgiving."

Daughter: "Oh..."

Mom: "For food."

Daughter: "And does that make you sad?"

Mom: "Yes."

Daughter: "Oh..."

Mom: "So her family are big time meat eaters then? Yeah..."

Daughter: "And then Carla(?) said that she's trying to be a vegetarian."

Mom: "Mm hmm..."

Mom: "Did you know that you friend Emma's mom is a vegetarian?"

Daughter: "I forgot to say that!"

Mom: "Yeah, she doesn't eat meat."

Daughter: "And Emma's brother Matt is a vegetarian."

Mom: "Mmmm.. I think.. No, I think he eats meat. He is okay with meat. It was Zack that was a vegetarian for a while. But I think he's chosen to try meat again."

Mom: "So has it been challenging, has it been difficult for you to be a 6-year old vegetarian?"

Daughter: (nods in the negative)

Mom: "No.. Is it hard to find things to eat everyday?"

Daughter: (nods in the affirmative)

Mom: "You kind of have to be creative, huh?"

Daughter: (nods in the affirmative)

Mom: "Yeah... Like what are you having for dinner tonight?"

Daughter: "Mmm... Carrots and apples, and (picks up bread from her plate).. it's kinda bread!"

Mom: "This.. This bread, that's full of stuff that grandma made?"

Mom: (addressing the younger kid in a loud voice) Please do not bang on the table with your fork sir!

Mom: "It's good?"

Daughter: (nods in the affirmative)

Mom: "Does it fill you up?"

Daughter: (nods in the affirmative)

Mom: "And you dad peanut butter earlier today?"

Daughter: (nods in the affirmative)

Mom: "Yeah.. Are you happy with the food that you eat? Do you feel strong?"

Daughter: (nods in the affirmative)

Mom: "And do you have a lot of energy? Does your brian work?"

Daughter: (nods in the affirmative)

Mom: "Yeah.. So.. Being a kid and being a vegetarian doesn't seem to be a problem for you?"

Daughter: (nods)

Mom: "Thank you for answering my questions. Bye!"

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