Nutella Ingredients: A Case Study in Food Labels
16 Jun 2017
I really like the above visual representation of Nutella ingredients. I wish all products in the supermarket were labeled this way! Compare the above photo with the Official webpage: Nutella (Product Information), which is in compliance with FDA requirements that 'Ingredients' should be listed by descending order of weight (see FDA guidelines for Ingredients).

An article with in-depth analysis of Nutella ingredients is Nutella: the full (correct) list of ingredients. An image from this article:

Another article with in-depth analysis of Nutella ingredients: Behind the Label: Nutella.

How To Read Food Labels

The art and science of reading food labels is explained in articles and videos below:

Articles by Jeff Novick: How To Read A Food Label: Part 1 and Part 2.

Videos by Jeff Novick:

  1. Shoul I Eat That? Reading Food Labels (7 mins, YouTube).
  2. Label Reading: Are there any healthy cereals? (6 mins, YouTube).
  3. When "fat free" really means 100% fat (10 mins, YouTube). This is a truly fascinating video that explains how a "fat free" food product might actually be 100% fat.
  4. "Health Food" vs. Healthy Food — How To Read Labels (9 mins, YouTube).

DVD by Jeff Novick: Should I Eat That: How to Choose the Healthiest (DVD, 2010).

Videos by Dr Greger: The Five to One Fiber Rule by Dr Greger (4 mins, YouTube).

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