Plant-Based Hollywood Celebrities
14 Jun 2017
Celebrities talking about plant-based diets.
Alicia Silverstone
(Actress & Model)

Alicia gave a wonderful talk at Google in 2009. She switched to a plant based diet at the age of 22. Her personal story on Oprah is insightful. She has also written a book: The Kind Diet (320 pages, 2009).

Ellen DeGeneres
(Television Host, Writer & Producer)
Michelle Pfeiffer

Dr Sanjay Gupta interviews Michelle Pfeiffer who switched to a vegan diet after watching The Last Heart Attack, a CNN documentary showcasing former US President Bill Clinton, Dr Dean Ornish and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn.

Pamela Anderson
(Actress & Model)
Carol Alt
(Model & Actress)

Carol Alt is an American model and actress. Personal storyBooks on AmazonCarol Alt (Wikipedia).

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