3-Year Old Explains Why She Doesn't Eat Fish
28 Apr 2017

A 3-year old girl explains to her grandmom why she won't eat fish. She explains that fish die when we eat them.


Grandmother: "You like fish and you don't eat fish?"

Child: "Yes, because ... because if you eat fish, then ...just the fish die! And when someone eats one fish, then the fish just dies."

Grandmother: "And what happens?"

Child: " And then... then the fish... is not alive."

Grandmother: "But have you ever tasted fish?"

Child: "What?"

Grandmother: "Have you ever tasted fish?"

Child: "No."

Grandmother: "And do you want to taste?"

Child: "No."

Grandmother: "No, right?"

Child: "Once, ... once, my mother was vegetarian and ate fish."

Grandmother: "And now no longer?"

Child: "Right."

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