Bay Area Hikes with Bay Views
1 Jan 2012
There are several parks around San Francisco Bay and its myriad arms like Suisun Bay, San Leandro Bay and Tomales Bay. Many of these parks offer hikes next to the bay. Some parks offer hikes to peaks or vista points from which these bays are visible. Hikes below are ordered from most interesting to least interesting.
Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay has four different beaches next to the blue placid water of Tomales Bay. All four beaches may connected in one long route.

10.7 miles
1500 ft
Four Beaches from Camino Del Mar
A beautiful hike through varied terrain including sandy beaches, rocky beaches and forests. Heart's Desire Beach is the most popular beach at Tomales Bay. To the north of Heart's Desire Beach lies Indian Beach which offers a half-mile long hike in low tide conditions.
Mount Tamalpais

On a clear day, East Peak in Mt Tamalpais offers incredible views of San Pablo Bay and San Francisco Bay. Mt Tamalpais is criss-crossed by myriad trails, so there are multiple hikes to East Peak from different trailheads.

10.1 miles
2000 ft
East Peak from Pantoll Ranger Station — Route I
Mostly shaded hike with panoramic valley views from East Peak. Most of the climb is in the last 1.5 miles to East Peak. Similarly, most of the descent is in the first 1.5 miles from East Peak.
5.0 miles
1600 ft
East Peak from Fern Canyon Road — Route I
The shortest route to East Peak is from Fern Canyon Road, gaining 1600 ft in 2.5 miles. The views from Verna Dunshee Trail which goes around East Peak are pretty awesome. Parking is tight on Fern Canyon Road. Only three to four cars may be parked here.
7.0 miles
1800 ft
East Peak from Fern Canyon Road — Route II
A variation of the hike above with a gentler descent, going through another peak nearby called Middle Peak.
Marin Headlands

The views from Hill 88 in Marin Headlands are quite incredible. Hill 88 lies near the intersection of Wolf Ridge Trail and Coastal Trail. It is reachable by a side trip along a paved road. Since it requires a side trip, many hikers do not climb the hill and bypass it, thereby missing out on incredible views of San Francisco Bay, the Pacific Ocean and various valleys in Marin Headlands.

A second great location for bay views, including the Golden Gate Bridge is along the south east section of Marin Headlands. The hike to Black Sands Beach has details.

9.5 miles
1500 ft
Rodeo Beach - Black Sands Beach Loop
An awesome hike going through Hill 88 and two beaches, with awesome coastal views and valley views. Shorter loops through Hill 88 are feasible. See Marin Headlands trail map for alternate routes.
7.4 miles
1800 ft
Golden Gate Bridge to Black Sands Beach
A fantastic hike that offers great views of Angel Island, Highway 101 and Golden Gate Bridge as the route meanders through green rolling hills. The destination is Black Sands Beach, a long sandy beach with few visitors.
Angel Island

Fanastic views of San Francisco Bay, Tiburon peninsula and various bridges near the bay.

10.6 miles
1400 ft
Grand Loop in Angel Island
The hike to Mt Livermore is gently graded. Picnic areas atop the peak. Fantastic 360-degree views. Combined with a walk along Perimeter Road that encircles the island, this hike offers the best of Angel Island.
China Camp

China Camp is adjacent to San Pablo Bay.

11.8 miles
1200 ft
Grand Loop in China Camp
A long hike that covers all the major trails in China Camp. It goes through varied terrain including walks along the San Pablo Bay shoreline and green rolling hills. Shorter hikes with views of San Pablo Bay are feasible. Consult the trail map for China Camp.
Point Pinole

Point Pinole lies adjacent to San Pablo Bay.

5.6 miles
300 ft
Grand Loop in Point Pinole Shoreline
A pretty hike that goes through all major trails in Point Pinole, including a walk along the San Pablo Bay shoreline for over two miles. Most inland trails were without shade and it was fairly windy in August 2011.
Miller Knox

Miller-Knox Shoreline is a small park that offers two short hikes: one amid the hills with great views of San Francisco Bay and another hike all along the shoreline.

3.5 miles
800 ft
Miller-Knox Hills Loop
A short sweet hike offering spectacular views of San Francisco Bay and residential areas nearby.
2.0 miles
0 ft
Miller-Knox Shoreline Walk
A short walk along San Francisco Bay.
Ring Mountain

There are multiple short routes to reach the top of Ring Mountain. Expansive views of San Pablo Bay and San Francisco Bay are available from trails near the top.

3.5 miles
700 ft
Ring Mountain from Paradise Drive
The mountain top is more of a mesa instead of a peak. By walking around the mesa, one may see Tiburon peninsula and Richmond - San Rafael Bridge.
Old St Hilarys

Old St Hilary's is a small park in Tiburon that offers short hikes with incredible views of Angel Island and San Francisco Bay.

1.0 miles
100 ft
Angel Island Views at Old St Hilary's
Short walk on rolling hills with gorgeous views of Angel Island. the island slowly appears in the horizon like a sleeping dinosaur. Both Golden Gate Bridge and Richmon - San Rafael Bridge are also visible.
1.0 miles
100 ft
Old St Hilary's Church
Short walk to a church with fabulous views of nearby dwellings and San Francisco Bay.
Mission Peak

Mission Peak is arguably the most popular hike in the bay area. Every day, dozens of individuals hike three miles from the Stanford Avenue trailhead to the top of Mission Peak, gaining 2100 ft in the process. Views of East Bay and San Francisco Bay are pretty awesome. If the hike is started early morning, before sunrise, then the views coming downhill are pretty awesome as the sun rises in the east.

6.1 miles
2100 ft
Mission Peak from Stanford Ave - Route I
The most popular route to Mission Peak is from Stanford Avenue. Several approaches are possible. Study the trail map for Mission Peak to explore alternatives if you get bored of the standard route.
Coyote Hills

Coyote Hills is a small park in Fremont overlooking San Francisco Bay. It offers quick short hikes with awesome views of the bay and marshlands adjoining the park.

3.3 miles
300 ft
Short Hike in Coyote Hils
Short and sweet hike through marshes and hills overlooking San Francisco Bay.
San Bruno Mountain

San Bruno Mountain has a Ridge Trail which is over two miles long. One gets to see San Francisco Bay on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other side all along this trail. From the parking lot, the trails that lead up to Summit Trail are full of wildflowers in spring. So the best time to enjoy both wildflower displays and bay views is the month of March.

8.3 miles
1500 ft
Summit Loop - Ridge Trail
A pleasant hike along a ridge with nice views along both sides: San Francisco Bay, Pacific Ocean and various towns nearby.
Alviso Marina

Trails in Alviso Marina offer a sense of expansiveness and seclusion. The trails are along levees surrounding protected marshlands. There is a sense of quiet in Alviso Marina.

14.5 miles
100 ft
Grand Loop in Alviso Marina
A long walk along salt marshes and ponds near Alviso Marina that goes through almost all the trails in that area. Shorter loops are possible. Study trail map.
Point Isabel

Point Isabel in Richmond offers short hikes along the shoreline of San Francisco Bay. It is full of dog lovers who come to this park with their dogs. On a typical weekend, you may see a few hundred dogs.

2.1 miles
0 ft
Point Isabel Shoreline Walk
A pleasant walk next to San Francisco Bay amid dozens of dogs.
Palo Alto Baylands

Hikes in Palo Alto Baylands are most awesome in early morning and late evening, during sunrise and sunset respectively. Hiking trails meander next to marshlands that are inhabited by thousands of birds. Some trails have water bodies on both sides. The reflections of clouds and sun make sunrise and sunset particularly beautiful.

5.3 miles
0 ft
Adobe Creek Loop
Nice walk through marshlands and sloughs without any elevation gain
Candlestick Point

Candlestick Point offers two short hikes with bay views. However, the hikes are quite close to roads, so traffic noise is quite prominent.

2.1 miles
50 ft
Bay Trail in Candlestick Point
A short walk next to San Francisco Bay. Part of the walk is near Highway 1 where traffic noise is prominent.
2.5 miles
50 ft
Candlestick Point
A short walk next to San Francisco Bay. Part of the walk is along a fishing pier.
Hayward Shoreline
10.1 miles
50 ft
Long Walk Along Hayward Shoreline
A pleasant walk along Hayward Shoreline. From Hayward Shoreline INterpretive Center in the south, the walk continues to Luisa's Perubian Food and Bar in the north. Shorter routes are possible by turning back at any point of time and retracing your steps.
Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline
7.1 miles
50 ft
Long Walk in Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline
A pleasant walk next to San Leandro Bay.
Middle Harbor Shoreline
4.1 miles
0 ft
Middle Harbor Shoreline Walk
A pleasant walk next to San Francisco Bay shoreline.
Oyster Bay
2.4 miles
100 ft
Oyster Bay Loop
A pleasant walk around Oyster Bay.
2.6 miles
50 ft
Short Walk in Ravenswood
A pleasant walk in a rather secluded park next to San Francisco Bay.
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