Bay Area Hikes with Rope Climbing
1 Jan 2012
Some hikes in bay area require climbs using ropes that have already been set up.
Point Reyes
9.5 miles
1000 ft
Alamere Falls from Palomarin Trailhead

Alamere Falls in Point Reyes is one of the two waterfalls in CA that pour directly into the Pacific Ocean. The waterfall is 40 ft tall. The final descent to the beach requires a scramble. In 2012, there was a rope to make the descent safer. During low tide, one may walk half a mile to the south of the beach and several miles to the north to reach Wildcat Camp. The beach walk adds character to the hike.

8.0 miles
400 ft
Duxbury Reef Low Tide Hike
A low tide hike in Bolinas that goes about five miles along the Pacific Ocean. An interesting part of the hike is the scramble from Duxbury Reef Trail down to the beach at the start of the hike. A substantial portion of the hike is along paved roads.
Tunitas Creek Beach

Tunitas Creek Beach is unique in that it is accessible only by scrambling down a few hundred feet using a rope which has been set up to assist visitors.

2.3 miles
300 ft
Tunitas Creek Beach Walk
Beach is accessible by a short steep trail. The final descent requires scrambling with the help of ropes. The beach itself is almost one mile long with majestic cliffs separating it from Highway 1 and providing a sense of seclusion.
Forest of Nisene Marks

The shortest route to Five Finger Falls goes via Aptos Creek Trail. Due to a landslide many years ago, the Aptos Creek Trail was closed. There was a short impassable section which couldn't be bushwhacked either. Apparently, somebody installed a bunch of ropes to bypass this section. Ropes are mentioned here: Leor Pantilat's Blog, INCH Hike #744 and TrailStompers.

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