Wildflower Hikes in Bay Area
1 Jan 2012
Wildflowers bloom in spring, after rains. In coastal parks like Marin Headlands and Point Reyes, wildflowers continue to bloom into summer as well. Below are listed parks where a large variety of wildflowers are found. See the photo section of individual hikes for flower pictures.
Gray Whale Cove Beach

The number of distinct wildflowers along the Gray Whale Cove Trail is probably the highest among bay area trais. See photos in the link below.

4.8 miles
900 ft
Gray Whale Cove Trail
A pleasant walk from Montara Beach to Gray Whale Cove Beach with excellent views of the Pacific. The hike includes two beach walks which lie to the west of Highway 1. The rest of the hike is in hills on the east of Highway 1. The views of the coastline are pretty good all along.
Point Reyes

Wildflowers are found in Point Reyes along several trails. The hike to Tomales Point, the northernmost tip of Point Reyes goes through several sections where wildflowers abound. Two other trails with plenty of wildflowers, but not as many as Tomales Point Trail, are Coastal Trail to Alamere Falls and the trails near Chimney Rock.

10.0 miles
1200 ft
Tomales Point
Hike to the northernmost point of Point Reyes to see tule elk, wildflowers and fantastic ocean views. Quite windy throughout the year.
9.5 miles
1000 ft
Alamere Falls from Palomarin Trailhead
The most popular route to Alamere Falls is from Palomarin Trailhead. Not much change in elevation until the last half mile when the trail drops about 400 ft. Plenty of wildflowers along the way.
2.1 miles
400 ft
Chimney Rock
A pleasant walk into a rocky finger-like landmass projecting into the Pacific. Plenty of wildflowers and excellent views of Point Reyes coastline in both directions.
Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands has several trails with wildflowers that bloom till late summers.

11.5 miles
2600 ft
Coastal Trail in Marin Headlands
A spectacular hike from the northern end of Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Beach. Plenty of wildflowers are along some sections of the Coastal Trail.
McNee Ranch
20.6 miles
4400 ft
Grand Loop in McNee Ranch and San Pedro Valley
A long but fantastic route through varied terrain covering all major trails in McNee Ranch and San Pedro Valley. A large number of wildflowers are to be seen in both the parks.
San Bruno Mountain
3.4 miles
700 ft
Summit Loop in San Bruno
Excellent hike for spring wildflowers that abound along Summit Loop Trail and Dairy Rvaine Trail.
Almaden Quicksilver
7.6 miles
900 ft
New Almaden - Randol - Virl O Norton
A pleasant hike through green rolling hills and wildflowers in spring.
Ring Mountain
3.5 miles
700 ft
Ring Mountain from Paradise Drive
A pleasant walk to a small hill with great ocean views plus wildflower displays in spring.
Sweeney Ridge
11.8 miles
2300 ft
Sneath Lane to Mori Point
Great hike over hills with panoramic ocean views.
Lakes in Pacheco State Park
10.5 miles
1800 ft
Three Lakes via Spikes Peak
A pleasant hike over green rolling hills and through three lakes: Diamond Lake, Bear Hide Lake and Dinosaur Lake. Plenty of wildflowers in spring. Along the eastern segments of the overall route, there are good views of San Luis Reservoir in the distance.
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