A Couplet By Faiz
19 Oct 2013
Touched by the couplet below by Faiz Ahmad Faiz who composed it when he was imprisoned for political reasons. It reminded me of Life is Beautiful storyline.

Bujha Jo Rauzan-E-Zindaan To Dil Ye Samajha Hai
Ki Teri Maang Sitaaron Se Bhar Gayi Hogi

Chamak Uthe Hain Salaasil To Hamane Jaana Hai
Ki Ab Sahar Tere Rukh Par Bikhar Gayi Hogi

Meanings of words:    bujha: dimmed    rauzan-e-zindaan: the skylight of prison cell    salaasil: chains    sahar: dawn (first rays of the sun)    rukh: physical being

Translation: At night, when the light through his cell's skylight dims, Faiz understands that his beloved must be at peace under a starlit sky, with all the joys in the world bestowed upon her. In the morning, when the metallic chains that fetter him shine, Faiz rejoices knowing that soothing rays of the morning sun must have enveloped her being.

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