Goal of Life — Ikiru and Akahige
21 Feb 2008

Two of my favorite movies are Ikiru ('To Live', 1952) and Akahige (Red Beard, 1965), both directed by Akira Kurosawa.

Ikiru is the story of an aged man close to retirement who is informed that he has few days to live because of terminal cancer. He has spent his life in a bureaucratic government office, doing very little. His son has no time for him. He wishes to do something meaningful in the remaining days of his life. The movie is his life journey, showing us how he finds answers to questions of life. A nice review of Ikiru.

Red Beard has a young doctor sent to a rural village for training. The village doctor is Red Beard whose character and philosophy of life are brought out in a series of events. Review of Akahige. The scene I remember the most involves a little girl whose heart nobody except Red Beard can melt: Scene on YouTube.

Both movies are insightful and inspiring.

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