Inspiring Disabled Artists
22 Apr 2017
Nick Scott
(Wheelchair Bodybuilder)

This super-cool video is the personal story of Nick Scott. Very inspiring and well-made. Nick describes how he lost his legs in a car accident, how he came to accept himself and went on to become super-fit. The storytelling is done by Nick himself, in his own voice. Recommended watching.

Someone's opinion of you doesn't have to become your reality, because if you start living your life to please others, you become a slave to your own life trying to please other people.
Anand Arnold
(Wheelchair Bodybuilder)

Anand Arnold from Ludhiana, India lost his legs to paralysis at age 15. He then went on to become a bodybuilder.

  1. Man paralysed by cancer at the age of 15 goes on to become champion bodybuilder (April 2015).
  2. Meet India's Arnold - The Nation's First Wheelchair Bodybuilder (2016).
Megi & Giorgi

Megi and George gave an outstanding dance performance in Georgia's Got Talent. Megi is deaf. Georgi is blind.

Mandy Harvey
(Deaf Singer)

Mandy Harvey started singing at age 4. At age 18, when she was pursuing an undergraduate degree in Music, she lost her hearing completely. In 2016, at age 29, she participated in America's Got Talent where her auditon fetched her the 'Golden Buzzer'.

Smile (Lyrics) is another lovely song by her!

More: Wikipedia pagePersonal website.

Nick Vujicic
(Motivational Speaker)

Nick Vujicic is an Australian Christian evangelist and an extraordinary motivational speaker. He lost all four of his limbs due to a rare medical disorder. After going through depression, he recovered and went on to become an awe-inspiring motivational speaker. In 2012, Nick marriesd Kanae Miyahara. They now have two sons.

More: Life Without Limbs (Nick's personal website) — Wikipedia page.

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