Ponyo (2010, Japanese)
1 Jan 2013
Director: Hayao Miyazaki (101 mins)

Reviews: RottenTomatoes (92%), IMDB (7.7), Wikipedia, Amazon.

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Summary: A cute story of a goldfish who wants to become a human. Nicely done. Good movie for young kids.

Storyline: A goldfish escapes the ocean and is saved by a five year old boy named Sōsuke, who names her Ponyo. The scenes in which Sōsuke takes care of the goldfish are moving. They fall in love with each other (not romantic love but innocent child-like love). Ponyo is endowed with supernatural powers. She decides that she wants to be a human and turns into a five year old girl. Her father sweeps her back into the ocean because he is afraid that Ponyo could upset the balance of nature with her abilities by becoming human. Ponyo escapes again to be with Sōsuke.

On the whole, I loved the movie for its creativity and the screenplay. Worth watching!


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