An Email Reply
9 May 2013
A good friend Ram shared a personal story with me. An old friend of his was dying in hospital. Just hours before his death, he wrote an email to Ram. The opening lines of the email were: "Dear Ram, By the time you read this email, I shall be no more. I thank you for ... (and so on)". Ram read this email early morning. He was touched. He wondered what to do. How does one reply to an email whose sender is no more?

When I heard the story, my initial reaction (in my mind) was, "Oh, well.. just forget it.. the man is no more.. ignore the email and move on in life! Don't dwell so much in it." But I kept quiet. I didn't share my thoughts with Ram. I quietly wondered, "I haven't had this experience myself, so who knows what I would actually do?"

What did Ram do? To reach closure, he actually replied to the email! His opening lines were, "Bob! I don't know where you are. But wherever you are, I'm sure that you can read this email. I thank you for ... (and so on)."

I smiled :)

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