Love Poetry: Admiration
25 Feb 2013
Love Yourself
Love Others
Nascent Love
The Present Moment
Unspoken Love
Seeking Acceptance
Letting Go
Opening Up
First Rays of the Sun
Wedding Songs
Sufi & Bhakti
These songs express admiration for the magnificence of nature, or virtues of a saint, or awesome qualities in one's beloved.
Ye Kaun Chitrakaar Hai

The poet poses an innocent question: Who is the painter of lush green valleys, majestic mountains, blue skies, tall trees and beautiful flowers that bloom in spring? While expressing joy and awe at the splendor of nature, he wonders whose imagination it is!
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Tum Gagan Ke Chandrama Ho

This duet showcases Agape or spiritual love. The singers take turns in admiring their beloved through a series of beautiful metaphors. Each verse is also a conversation with divinity.
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Chand Si Mehbooba

The poet's beloved is a manifestation of his dreams :)
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Ye Hawa, Ye Raat, Ye Chandni

A beautiful ghazal in appreciation of one's beloved. Sung by Talat Mahmood in 1952.
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