Love Poetry: Nascent Love
25 Feb 2013
Love Yourself
Love Others
Nascent Love
The Present Moment
Unspoken Love
Seeking Acceptance
Letting Go
Opening Up
First Rays of the Sun
Wedding Songs
Sufi & Bhakti
These songs describe the delicate, thrilling moments when love is setting in for the first time in our life :)
Pyar Hua Chupke Se

A delightful song that captures the emotions of a young woman who has fallen in love for the first time. When she becomes aware of her feelings, she wonders what happened to her! So she asks the clouds, the wind and the butterflies :)
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On the Nature of Love

A beautiful poem that describes how we suddenly fall in love!
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Chhoo Kar Mere Man Ko

A gentle, romantic song with simple lyrics. When somebody falls in love, the entire world looks lovely and the desire to serve one's beloved arises naturally.
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Dil Ki Nazar Se, Nazron Ki Dil Se

A romantic song with simple lyrics. A couple is rejoicing their newly found love for each other.
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That's Amore

How does it feel to be in love? Dean Martin explains it in simple words :)
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