Love Poetry: Opening Up
25 Feb 2013
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It is with great love that a woman offers to alleviate the suffering of her lover by helping him open up and share his sorrow. There are four songs along this theme.
Dukh Aur Sukh Ke Raaste

This is a sequel to 'Abhi Na Jaao Chhod Kar', one of the most romantic songs in Hindi cinema. And what a beautiful sequel it is! Out of immense love, a woman implores her man to open up to her, to share his grief with him. This is a song between equals, a couple that is together.
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Tum Apna Ranj-o-Gham

A woman asks her man to share his sorrows with her. The underlying theme is unrequited love. The woman is also seeking acceptance.
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Agar Mujhse Mohabbat Hai

Another song along the same lines as the above two songs.
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Aaja Piya Tohe Pyar Doo

Same theme as above. This song is more physical in the sense that the woman implores her man to melt in her arms.
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