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These songs do not fit into a category.

A beautiful song for kids that teaches them a technique for handling negative emotions.

A slow song with simple lyrics on oneness. Each couplet is a gem.

A beautiful song on acceptance and joy. Sung by over 600 artists over the years. Made popular recently by Alice Fredenham on Britain's Got Talent.

An inspiring song of a battle between a tiny lamp and a storm. Reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi, who was spearheading the Indian freedom movement.

A picturesque song that reminds me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a book by Richard Bach in which a seagull breaks the norms of society and learns how to fly freely.

A hymn to goddess Durga composed by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in the novel Anandmath (1882). It was sung by Rabindranath Tagore in the 1896 session of the Indian National Congress. The song aroused great fervor for the Indian independence movement. In 1950, The first two stanzas were made India's national song.

An uplifting song by Cliff Richard. If you had a recent heartbreak, this song will assure you that you shall never be alone.

A poem that relates to Advaita.

A beautiful poem for parents.

A beautiful song where the poet asks the moon, the garden, the goblet and the poets if they had seen anybody more gorgeous than his beloved. They all reply in the negative.

An inspirational Telugu song that encourages us to chalk out our own destiny.

An inspiring song that defines what love is.

Beautiful love song. The two main characters are locked in a gentle kiss throughout its duration in the Telugu movie Geethanjali (1989). Both have terminal illness. Yet they are fully absorbed, relishing these joyful, intimate moments.

Sentimental, Sufi song by Bulle Shah. Sung very well by Satinder in a music competition for kids: Chhote Ustad, 2010.

Simple theme: when somebody is no more, we remember that person in little things.

In the eyes of a flower, the world is a flower.
In the eyes of a thorn, the world is a thorn.

A beautiful Bhajan by Purandaradasa (1484-1564) in Kannada language. A prayer to the Almighty to have 'karuna' (compassion) for the devotee, despite the devotee lacking in merits when compared with the meritorious deeds of mythological figures like Rukmaangada, Shuka, Devaki, Garuda, Hanumaan, Mahaabali and so on. What I like about this Bhajan is its simplicity! :)

An intriguing poem (upside down) by Chanie Gorkin, that went viral in 2015. Very creative!

A mesmerizing, romantic ghazal made immemorial by Farida Khanum.

A composition by K L Saigal who also sang it. Reminds me of 'Moko Kaha Dhoondhe Re Bande' by Kabir.

An awesome Sufi composition by Amir Khusro! Sung by Lata and Asha in the movie Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978).

A composition by Kabir which encourages us to look inside ourselves.

25 Feb 2013
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