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18 Sep 2008
Positive Psychology
Pranayama by Baba Ramdev

Links to YouTube videos, books and online articles on Pranayama.
Three Stories of Forgiveness

Three real life stories which showcase forgiveness in difficult situations.
Ephemeral Arts

Artists whose creations last only a few hours. Reminds me of anicca or impermanence in Buddhism.
Wicked Thoughts

What should we do when we experience thoughts that are negative, wicked or unspeakable? An article in Psychology Today and a poem by Rumi offer mental techniques to not let such thoughts affect our peace of mind.
Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei

Extraordinary feats of human endurance: 100 successive days of 25-mile runs in hills for seven years. Many of these years have two such periods.
Meditation in Silicon Valley

A comprehensive list of organizations & groups that offer meditation classes, group sittings and lectures in Silicon Valley, California.

What are some special moments in your life that bring you joy?
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