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Ephemeral Arts
28 Jan 2013
What motivates the artists below to invest so many hours in creating artwork that lasts only a few hours? They remind me of anicca or impermanence in Buddhism.
Simon Beck: Snowshoe Artist

Simon Beck creates massive mathematical patterns in ice by walking for hours and hours in a single day. His creations are temporary, lasting only a few hours. He actively communicates with his fans via FaceBook.

Facebook pageMyModernArt articleDailyMail article.

Jim Denevan: Beach Artist

Jim Denevan creates giant patterns in sand by walking and shoveling. Check out his Website.

Scott Wade: Dirty Car Art

Scott Wade lives on a mile and a half of a dirt road. Driving over this surface results in a coating of fine, white dust on the rear window of his van. Scott makes exquisite paintings on the rear window! Check out his WebsiteGallery.

Buddhist Monks: Sand Mandalas

A sand mandala is made by Buddhist monks with great patience and labor over many days. The splendour and richness of a mandala can be appreciated only with one's own eyes. A photograph or a video doesn't have the same effect.

Two years ago, some monks made a sand mandala on Google campus. The video above is the stitching together of photographs taken at regular intervals (time lapse photography). In the end, monks wipe out the mandala and distribute the sand to onlookers. What does this process signify? Impermanence of life and the world.

Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Simonova is an exponent of story telling through a series of sand images. She usually chooses emotionally charged stories, bringing the audience to tears. Winning the first prize in Ukraine's Got Talent (2009) catapulted her to fame.

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