27 May 2013
A few weeks ago, hearing Ji Chahe Tu Sheesha Ban Ja by Abida Parveen brought me tremendous joy. What are some special moments in your life bring you joy?

Self disclosure? Vulnerable but assured that the listener shall keep your secrets, continue to be your friend and wish you well?

Or a long embrace? Standing still and taking deep breaths, minute after minute, as if the two of you are meditating together with your breaths and heartbeats in synchrony?

Or love making with devotion? Caressing your beloved with your palms, your fingertips and the back of your hand, as if painting a huge canvas over and over with waves, each different from the ones before. Planting hundreds of soft kisses all over, slowly. Employing your energy and your faculties in harmony to take your lover to a state of deep relaxation?

Or feeding a baby? Watching her little hands fumble with everything that goes into her mouth. Or putting her to sleep? Or watching her sleep, looking over her such that when she wakes up, her eyes meet yours and she smiles. Like a flower opening up its petals to see the sun.

Or holding the hands of somebody who is dying? Calmly, quietly, assuredly, with a smile, telling them that a joyful journey lies ahead. With prayers in your heart, kissing them on their forehead and putting them to sleep?

Or slowly eating an apple on a balmy afternoon? With the understanding that what you eat becomes part of you. Enjoying your breath. With the understanding that what you breathe becomes part of you. Watching the panorama of life unfold in front of you. With the understanding that everything in the world is exactly how it should be.

The joys of being alive!

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