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What Are Plant-Based Diets?
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Kids Say No To Meat
What Are Plant-Based Diets?
  • Talks & Seminars By Plant-Based Doctors
  • Three Flavors of Compassion: Self, Others and Environment
  • Heart Disease Statistics for South Asians
  • Is 0% Heart Disease Possible? Yes!
  • Can Diabetes Be Reversed? Yeah!
  • Lupus Cure by Plant Based Diet?
  • Strategies For Transition
  • General Practitioners: McDougall, Fuhrman & Greger
Personal Experience
  • My Food Journey
  • Juice Fasting for Calmness and Clarity
  • Eating Healthy: Challenges I Faced
My Food System
  • My Food System: 2½ Meals
  • My Food System: Tools & Equipment
  • My Food System: Breakfast Ingredients
  • My Food System: Breakfast Preparation
  • My Food System: Lunch Photo Album
  • My Food System: Lunch Ingredients
  • My Food System: Lunch Preparation
  • My Food System: Supplements, Etc.
Success Stories
  • Plant-Based Super Athletes
  • Videos Of Kids Saying No To Meat
  • Inspiring Personal Stories
  • Plant-Based Hollywood Celebrities
  • Plant-Based Bollywood Celebrities
  • Cookbooks by Plant-Based Physicians
  • Cookbooks by Plant-Based Chefs & Parents
  • Plant-Based Recipes (Free)
Kids Say No To Meat
  • "You Gotta Take Care Of Them"
  • "Animals Are Very Nice"
  • "Anything On The Table But Not Animals!"
  • 3-Year Old Explains Why She Doesn't Eat Fish
  • 8-Year Old Child Activist: Genesis Butler
  • Mom Interviews Her Vegetarian Daughter
  • Rip Esselstyn Talk on Engine 2 Diet
  • Dr Manthena Raju
  • California Drought, Water and Hamburgers
  • Nutella Ingredients: A Case Study in Food Labels
  • Cultures That Have Thrived On Plant Based Diets
  • Why Doctors Don't Recommend Veganism
  • Awesome Fruits
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