"You Gotta Take Care Of Them"
2 Jun 2013

A touching YouTube video (2:31) shows four year old Luiz Antonio explaining to her mom why he does not want to eat an octopus dish. The story was covered by HuffingtonPost.


Luiz: "That's ok?"

Mom: "Ok..."

Mom: "Now eat your octopus gnocci"

Luiz: "Ok, mom. Alright". Luiz: "The octopus isnt real, right?"

Mom: "No"

Luiz: "Then alright. He doesn't speak and he doesnt have a head, right?"

Mom: "He doesnt have a head. These are only the chopped little legs of the octopus."

Luiz: "Huh? But... is the head in the sea?" (perplexed)

Mom: "It is at the fish market"

.. pause ..

Luiz: "The man chopped it...? Like this?" (luiz making a chopping gesture with his left hand)

Mom: "Yes he did."

Luiz: "Why?" (Luiz is incredulous)

Mom: "So we can eat it. Otherwise we'd have to swallow it all."

Luiz: "But why?"

Mom: "So we can eat it, love. Just like a cow is chopped, a chicken is chopped..."

Luiz: "Ah... the chicken. No. Nobody eats chicken."

Mom: "Nobody eats chicken?"

Luiz: "No, those are animals"

Mom: "Really?"

Luiz: "Yeah!"

.. pause ..

Mom: "So let's eat the gnocci? Eat the potato then?"

Luiz: "Errr... just the potato and just the rice."

Mom: "Ok..."

Luiz: "Octopus are animals..."

Mom: "Alright."

Luiz: "All of them are animals... Fish are animals... Octopus are animals... Chicken are animals.... Cows are animals... Pig are animals... "

Mom: "Yeah..."

Luiz: "So...! When we eat animals, they die!"

Mom: "Ah... yeah."

Luiz: "Why...?"

Mom: "So we can eat, love."

Luiz: "Why... do they die? I don't like that they die. I like that they stay standing up."

Mom: "Ok. Alright. So we're not gonna eat it any more, ok?"

Luiz: "Ok! These animals... you gotta take care of them... and not eat them!"

Mom (chuckles): "You're right, son. So eat the potato and rice."

Luiz: "Alright ... Why are you crying?" (incredulous)

Mom: "I'm not crying... I'm just touched by you."

Luiz: "I'm doing something beautiful."

Mom: "Eat.. no need to eat the octopus alright?"

Luiz: "Ok!"

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