Cowell Purisima Trail
6.4 miles     200 ft
10 Dec 2011

A relaxed easy stroll along the Pacific.

Location: Cowell Purisima TrailCowell Ranch State Beach

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» Trail Map by Pease Press: Good map showing various trails.


Route: From the parking lot for Cowell Beach on Highway 1, walk along a trail towards the ocean. After miles, turn left onto Cowell-Purisima Trail. About three miles along this trail, there is a scenic point overlooking Seal Rock. Return by the same route.

Trail Closure: According to the Open Space Trust website (April 2012): The northern half of the Cowell-Purisima Trail is closed to the public on weekdays from June through September, when the fields are occasionally sprayed with agricultural chemicals. The southern portion of the trail, which borders land used for cattle grazing, will remain open every day of the year.


Location: along CA-1, 5.1 miles south of CA-92 . No street address. Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: From CA-92 West, turn left onto CA-1 South. Drive for 3.2 miles to reach the parking lot for Cowell Ranch State Beach. Drive another 1.9 miles to reach the parking lot for Cowell Purisima Trail.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: Jan 2012)

Capacity: About 10 cars may be parked here.

Latitude: 37.396419     Longitude: -122.415226

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