East Shore & Ridgeline Trails — Long Loop
11.5 miles     2400 ft
19 Apr 2015

A gorgeous route through hills to the east of Del Valle lake. It offers lake views from various angles, close and afar.

Location: Del Valle Regional Park

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» Official Trail Map: Good map showing various trails. Also see text side and detailed map of swimming area.

The overall hike is in two parts. The 'Top Loop' (described below) explores the hills to the east of the lake and returns to the parking area next to the lake. The 'Bottom Loop' explores Cedar Group Campsite and the hills to the south east of the lake.

Starting Point: The parking lot marked as 'Boat Launch, REntal, Marina, Snacks' in the official trail map.

Top Loop (6.0 miles): East Shore Trail (1.3 miles) → Swallow Bay Trail (0.6 miles) → unnamed fire road (0.2 miles) → Ridgeline Trail (2.4 miles) → Lake View Trail (0.6 miles) plus unnamed trails (0.9 miles round trip) to an unnamed peak in the east.

  • (1.9 miles to Swallow Bay) From the parking lot, walk north along East Shore Trail for 1.3 miles, then continue along Swallow Bay Trail for 0.6 miles to reach an unmarked intersection with an unnamed fire road. The views of Del Valle Lake along East Shore Trail are soothing. Along Swallow Bay Trail, the views of Badger Cove are awesome.
  • (2.9 miles to unnamed peak) Swallow Bay Trail meets a fire road at an unmarked junction. Turn right, walk for 0.2 miles along the fire road, then turn left on to Ridgeline Trail. Follow Ridgeline Trail for 2.2 miles to reach a junction with unnamed trail going to the left. This trail takes you to a curbside parking lot along Del Valle Road. Study the trail map to climb a hill next to the road. This climb is worthwhile — the views of Del Valle Lake and the hills to the east of Del Vale Road are great. The distance from Ridgeline Trail to the unnamed peak is 0.5 miles.
  • (1.2 miles to parking lot) Retrace your steps from the unnamed peak (0.5 miles) → left on Lake View Trail (0.6 miles). Make sure that you walk along Lake View Trail and not Ridgeline Trail. The views of Del Valle Lake and hills around the lake are awesome along Lake View Trail.

Bottom Loop (5.5 miles): This section has some unmarked junctions, so it is important to keep track of one's location on a trail map. Broadly speaking, from the parking lot near the west end point of Lake View Trail, follow an unnamed trail parallel to the road to Park Entry Kiosk (0.6 miles) → right on Del Valle Road (0.1 miles) → left on Cedar Camp Trail (0.5 miles) → right on unnamed trail (0.7 miles) → left on Black Sage Trail (0.4 miles) → explore an unmaintained trail (0.3 miles) → Cedar Mountain Trail (1.1 miles) → right on paved road via campgrounds (0.2 miles) → right on bridge (0.1 miles) → left on to East Shore Trail (1.3 miles).

Awesome views: (a) Views of Badger Cove along Swallow Bay Trail. (b) Views of Del Valle Lake when descending along Lake View Trail. (c) Views of various hills along Ridgeline Trail, especially from the unnamed peak near the south of Ridgeline Trail, (d) Views of the lake when descending from Cedar Mountain Trail, (e) Views of Del Valle Lake along East Shore Trail.

Picnic tables: At various places along East Shore Trail. At various campsite locations. Also at the intersection of Cedar Mountain Trail and Black Sage Trail.

Trail desriptions: From the parking lot onwards, East Shore Trail going north is a fire road. Towards the north, as the trail approaches Badger Cove, there is a narrow, single track hiking trail that goes really close to water, along the southern shoreline of Badger Cove. Ridgeline Trail and Lake View Trail are fire roads. The unnamed trail that connects Lake View Trail to Park Entry Kiosk is next to a road and boring. Cedar Camp Trail is a hiking trail. Black Sage is a steep, shaded, single track trail.

Forest cover: Ridgeline Trail is a fire road exposed to the sun. Most other trails are partly or fully shaded. These include East Shoreline Trail, Swallow Bay Trail, Cedar Camp Trail, Black Sage Trail and Cedar Mountain Trail.


Location: "Boat Launch & Rental" at 6999 Del Valle Rd, Livermore, 94550 . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: In Google Maps, the location this parking lot is marked as "Pyramid Enterprises". On the official trail map, this location is marked as "Boat Launch, Rental, Rental, Marina, Snacks".

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: $6 per vehicle (last visited: April 2015)

Capacity: Hundreds of cars may be parked in various parking lots along the eastern shoreline.

Latitude: 37.586227     Longitude: -121.701528

Lake Views

Del Valle Lake seen from various angles. Good views along Shoreline Trail and descents along Lake View Trail and Cedar Mountain Trail.

Hills around the Lake

Del Valle Lake is nestled in a valley with hills all around. In spring time, these hills are lush green.

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