Grand Loop in Alviso Marina
14.5 miles     100 ft
1 Aug 2010

Long walk along salt marshes and ponds of San Francisco Bay.

Location: Alviso Marina County Park

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» Official Trail Map: This map shows all the trails surrounding various marshes.

» Official Trail Map: This map shows only the county park area in detail, not the trails next to marshes.


Route in Brief: Walk along Alviso Slough Trail until you reach the "Trail Connector" that crosses over railway tracks and connects with Mallard Slough Trail. Walk all along Mallard Slough Trail to return to the "Trail Connector". Then continue along the big loop along Alviso Slough Trail to return to Alviso Marina parking lot.

Mileage: The big loop along Alviso Slough Trail is 9.0 miles long. The loop along Mallard Slough Trail is 5.5 miles long.


Location: Intersection of Mill Street & Hope Street in Alviso, CA 94089 . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: Take Highway 237 (Mt. View-Alviso Road) east to Great America Parkway exit. Turn left onto Great America Parkway, turn right on Gold Street connector, left on Gold Street, left on Elizabeth Street and right on Hope Street.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: August 2010)

Capacity: Dozens of cars may be parked inside the park. Before 8am, street parking is possible outside the park.

Latitude: 37.429146     Longitude: -121.979109

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