Grand Loop in Eaton - Big Canyon Park
4.3 miles     900 ft
28 Jan 2012

A short and sweet hike in Eaton - Big Canyon Park

Location: Eaton ParkBig Canyon Park

Elevation Profile
Trip Planning

Trail Maps

» Official Trail Map by City of San Carlos: Good map showing various trails. Elevation profile and trail segment lengths are missing.

» Redwoodhikes Trail Map: Great map showing many parks like Purisima Creek, Huddart, Wunderlich, El Corte De Madera, Foothills, Hidden Villa and Rancho San Antonio. Trail maps for individual parks are available online for free. However, the RedwoodHikes map shows the big picture and is helpful for planning hikes that go through multiple parks.

This hike covers all major trails in Eaton Park and Big Canyon Park. There are no signs at trail junctions. It is best to study the Official Trail Map (some trails are missing in this map) and the GPS Tracks (see link at the top of the page) to infer the route. Trail Notes by City of San Carlos Official Website may be helpful for this hike.

Yet to write details. For now, trailhead location may be inferred by combining information from the Google Page for GPS Tracks and Trail Maps, if any.

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