Kings Canyon Loop from Pinehurst Road
7.9 miles     1300 ft
12 May 2012

A moderate hike offering great views of green rolling hills and the serene San Leandro Reservoir. About a third of the route is shaded.

Location: Upper San Leandro Reservoir

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Trail Maps

» Official EBMUD Trail Map: Good map showing various hiking trails. Rimer Creek Trail was unmaintained in May 2012.


Permit: Access to EBMUD trails requires an EBMUD Permit, which may be bought online.

(A) Pinehurst Road To Valle Vista Staging Area (0.7 miles): Close to the intersection of Pinehurst Road and Canyon Road, look for an EBMUD entrance along Canyon Road. Follow Redwood Trail (0.6 miles, shaded throughout) to reach a T-junction without signs. Turn left and walk 0.1 miles to reach Valle Vista Staging Area.

(B) Kings Canyon Loop (6.5 miles): In May 2012, Rimer Creek Trail was unmaintained. From Valle Vista Staging Area, follow signs for Kings Canyon Loop. In 0.9 miles, after crossing a bridge, you will reach a fork in the trail. At this point, you may choose whether you wish to follow the Kings Canyon Loop Trail clockwise or anti-clockwise. For anti-clockwise loop, turn right at the fork and continue along Kings Canyon Loop Trail for 3.2 miles to reach Camino Pablo. There is no need to cross the road. Kings Canyon Loop Trail continues for 1.3 miles (fairly steep climb) to reach an intersection with the unmaintained Rimer Creek Trail. Turn left, towards the lake. Within 0.2 miles, you return to the fork in the trail that was encountered earlier. Walk 0.9 miles back to Valle Vista Staging Area.

(C) Valle Vista Staging Area To Pinehurst Road (0.7 miles): Follow the route in Section (A) in reverse.


Location: Intersection of Pinehurst Road & Canyon Road, Moraga, CA 94516 . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: May 2012)

Capacity: About three cars may be parked along Canyon Road, outside the EBMUD entrance. If parking is not available, you may drive 0.7 miles along Canyon Road to reach Valle Vista Staging Area to start the hike. Valle Vista has capacity for over 20 cars.

Latitude: 37.818476     Longitude: -122.146624

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