Manuel Peak - Post Summit
13.4 miles     5000 ft
18 Feb 2012

A gorgeous Big Sur hike to Manuel Peak and Post Summit. Awesome 360-degree views at Post Summit.

Location: Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

Elevation Profile
Trip Planning

Trail Maps

» RedwoodHikes Map: A high quality map showing the entire Mount Manuel Trail. Beyond Manuel Peak, the trail is drawn as a faint dotted line.

» National Geographic Map by a Meetup Group: A high quality map outlining the entire ridge trail.

» Official Trail Map and Brochure: Moderate quality showing various trails close to Park HQ. Elevation profile and trail segment lengths are missing.

Yet to write details. For now, route may be inferred by combining information from GPS Tracks (click button at the top of this article) and Trail Maps.

Yet to write details. For now, trailhead location may be inferred by combining information from the Google Page for GPS Tracks and Trail Maps, if any.

Manuel Peak Trail

Very well mainained trail with plenty of wildflowers.

Manuel Peak to Post Summit

This section of the ridge trail was unmaintained and overgrown in Feb 2012. We were in over eight feet of brush at one point.

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