Mt Olympia from Regency Drive
9.9 miles     3000 ft
31 Jul 2010

Great cardiovascular workout along this hike over green rolling hills and panoramic valley views.

Location: Mount Diablo State Park

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Trail Maps

» REI Map for Mount Diablo and Los Vaqueros: Sold for $7.00 in April 2011. The map is very detailed, water-proof and tear-proof. Must have for avid hikers.

» Official Park Brochure: Decent map but missing myriad other trails that are shown on the REI map.

From Regency Drive parking lot (546'), walk along Donner Canyon Rd (1.5 miles) → Meridian Ridge Rd (1.4) → Prospectors Gap Rd (1.4 miles) to Prospectors Gap. Continue along North Peak Rd (0.6 miles) → North Peak Trail (0.7 miles) to Mt Olympia (2946'). Continue along East Trail (0.2 miles) → Zippe Trail (0.3 miles) → Mt Olympia Rd (0.7 miles) → Olympia Trail (0.7 miles) → Cardinet Oaks Trail (0.7 miles) → Donner Canyon Rd (1.5 miles).

Location: near 160 Regency Drive, Clayton, CA 94517 . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: From Hwy I-680 North, the route goes through a series of small street. Please study Google Map.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: July 2010)

Capacity: Plenty of street parking along Regency Drive

Latitude: 37.922069     Longitude: -121.926892

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