Oyster Bay Loop
2.4 miles     100 ft
12 Aug 2011

A pleasant walk around Oyster Bay.

Location: Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline

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» Official Trail Map: Good map showing various trails. Also see Text section of the map.


Route: After entering the park, turn left onto a paved bike trail. Walk along the trail all the way to a green colored bridge (Bill Lockyer Bay Trail Bridge). Continue along the paved trail, leaving the bridge behind. When the paved trail ends, turn sharply right onto an unpaved trail. Signs from this point onwards are minimal. Follow unpaved trails all the way to the car parking on Neptune Drive. When visiting for the first time, a trail map would help. Also, study the Satellite view of Oyster Bay in Google Maps which shows a criss-cross of unpaved trails at this park.

Notes: Oyster Bay is popular among dog owners. For example, dogs under voice command can be unleashed close to the park entrance.


Location: 1600 Neptune Drive, San Leandro, CA . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: From I-880 North, take exit 33B for Marina Blvd West and merge onto Marina Blvd. Drive for 1.4 miles and turn right onto Neptune Drive. Within 0.6 miles, there is street parking for Oyster Bay.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: August 2011)

Capacity: Plenty of street parking.

Latitude: 37.709446     Longitude: -122.192361

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