Sulphur Springs Mountain from McGary Road — Route III
4.9 miles     1100 ft
6 May 2012

Beautiful short hike to an easy summit with excellent views of Hiddenbrooke valley full of homes.

Location: Hiddenbrooke Open Space Preserve

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» Official Trail Map by Bay Area Ridge Trail Council: Good map showing various hiking trails. A large sized JPEG image of the same map is also available


To Hiddenbrooke Summit (2.3 miles): Walk 0.5 miles along a bike trail that parallels Hiddenbrooke Parkway to reach the park entrance for Hiddenbrooke Open Space Preserve on the right. Enter the preserve and follow Hiddenbrooke Trail for 0.9 miles to reach a sign that asks you to turn left instead of continuing along an unmaintained trail straight ahead. After 0.3 miles, you reach a junction. Turn right at the junction. Walk 0.3 miles to reach a junction with Summit Trail. Turn right onto Summit Trail, walk 0.3 miles to the summit.

To McGary Road Parking Lot (2.6 miles): From the summit, follow Summit Trail for 0.3 miles to reach an intersection with Hiddenbrooke Trail. Turn left. In 0.3 miles, you reach an unmarked intersection with Hiddenbrooke Connector Trail. Turn right onto Hiddenbrooke Connector Trail and start descending into the valley in front of you. In 0.2 miles, there is an unmarked junction. If you turn right at this junction, you will soon reach a metal gate, crossing which, the trail starts descending towards Hiddenbrooke residential complexes. Instead of turning right, turn left at the junction, there is a well maintained single track trail that joins Hiddenbrooke Trail in 0.5 miles. Turn right on Hiddenbrooke Trail, walk for 0.8 miles to emerge onto Hiddenbrooke Parkway. Turn left and walk for 0.5 miles along a bike trail parallel to Hiddenbrooke Parkway to reach the parking lot on McGary Road.


Location: Hiddenbrooke Pkwy & McGary Rd, Vallejo, CA 94503 . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: Along I-80 East, take exit 36 for American Canyon Road. Turn right at the exit, then take an immediate right onto McGary Road. There is space for parking several cars on the right (zoom into Google Maps to see its location).

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: May 2012)

Capacity: About 25 cars may be parked here.

Latitude: 38.168826     Longitude: -122.199211

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