Tunitas Creek Beach Walk
2.3 miles     300 ft
5 Jul 2011

Beach access requires scrambling with the help of ropes.

Location: Tunitas Creek Beach

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Route: Walk down towards the beach. The climb down is quite steep. In fact, for the last stretch, you have to climb down using one of the two ropes installed for descent. At 0.2 miles, you reach the beach. Walk 0.4 miles north to reach Tunitas Creek. Cross the creek and walk another 0.3 miles to reach the north end of the beach. Turn around, walk 1.0 mile to reach the south end of the beach. Turn back, walk to the ropes, climb up and walk back to the parking lot (0.4 miles).


Location: along CA-1 in Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 . No street address. Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: From CA-92 West, turn left onto CA-1 (Cabrillo Hwy) an drive for 8.5 miles to reach the parking lot for Tunitas Beach. In July 2011, there were no signs at this parking lot. It lies 0.4 miles south of the intersection of Tunitas Creek Road and CA-1.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: July 2011)

Capacity: About 20 cars may be parked here.

Latitude: 37.352693     Longitude: -122.398725

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