Hikes in China Camp State Park
1 Jan 2012
China Camp State Park is in San Rafael, CA. It is next to San Pablo Bay and said to be among Marin County's most beautiful. You may visit it during any time of the year since all trails are partly shaded.

Best Months to Visit: Winters and spring, when the park is green after rains. In summers and fall, you can comfortably hike because trails are fully or partly shaded. However, vegetation is brown and dry.


  1. The ranger station (where maps are available) is not marked on the online PDF map, as of Sep 2010. It is opposite Bullhead Flat.
  2. About 0.2 miles of Bay View Trail that lies between Echo Trail and Back Ranch Fire Trail is particularly steep.
  3. Swimming is allowed in San Pablo Bay. Check out Great places to go swimming in CA.
  4. If you're a runner, check out San Pablo Trail Run for marathons, 10K and 5K races.
  5. McNears Beach County Park on Cantera Way is adjacent to China Camp State Park — it is a good picnic spot ($10 per vehicle entrance fees) with a large swimming area.
  6. Other hikes:
  7. 7.3 miles, 1000 ft by BAHiker. Other trail heads: McNears Drive, Biscayne Drive Bay Hills Drive.
List of Hikes
11.8 miles
1200 ft
Grand Loop in China Camp
Great long hike through varied terrain including shoreline walks and green rolling hills.

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