Hikes in Death Valley National Park
1 Jan 2012
Death Valley is an awesome park with hikes through such varied terrain as dry canyons, sand dunes, waterfalls and desert peaks.
List of Hikes
9.5 miles
4000 ft
Corkscrew Peak
A desert peak with outstanding views. One of the easier peaks listed by the Desert Peaks Section of Sierra Club, the route is a combination of cross country hiking and walking along a well maintained trail. If you enjoy desert peaks near Death Valley, check out DPS List of Peaks.

2.0 miles
200 ft
Darwin Falls
“Punctuated with idyllic waterfalls and irrigated by a ovely perennial creek, the deep narrows of Darwin Canyon are among the most lush and beautiful in the park. The short walk to the lower waterfall is a wonderful illustration of the miracle of water in the desert. The challenging climb through the serene upper narrows to China Garden Spring is a gem for the experienced hiker.” — Michel Digonnet.

8.8 miles
1800 ft
Fall Canyon
“You can't go wrong with Fall Canyon. It is easily accessed, easy to walk, and one of the two or three most consistently deep and narrow canyons in the park. Its majestic cliffs and winding corridors are likely to inspire even the most seasoned desert hiker.” — Michel Digonnet.

5.9 miles
1800 ft
Mosaic Canyon
“For its diversity of scenery, easy walking, and convenient access, Mosaic Canyon is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the park. If Death Valley is new to you, the lower canyon is a good introduction to the unexpected delights of desert canyons. It has tortuous narrows with colorful mosaics, finely polished marble, and interesting geology. The upper canyon, far less visited, will appeal even to seasoned desert rats for its sculptured narrows, rugged canyons, and hard-to-reach Twin Springs.” — Michel Digonnet.

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