Hikes in Land of Medicine Buddha
1 Jan 2012
Land of Medicine Buddha in Santa Cruz is a serene Buddhist retreat center that offers a six-mile loop amid redwoods. Very peaceful ambience.

Notes: As of February 2012, a good trail map was not available. A hand-drawn map, not to scale, was available at the monastery. There are unnamed intersections with trails leading to Forest of Nisene Marks.

Closed on weekends: In Feb 2016, Land of Medicine Buddha posted a notice that from 1 April 2016 onwards, public access to Land of Medicine Buddha would be limited to weekdays and Sundays after noon. No public access on Saturdays. See the notice.

All Hikes
6.2 miles
900 ft
Loop Around Land of Medicine Buddha
A beatific loop around the monastery. About a third of the route is next to a creek, amid cool redwoods. At several points along the route, there are places to worship.

13.5 miles
2500 ft
Maple Falls from Land of Medicine Buddha
A gorgeous route to Maple Falls, which lies in an adjacent park called Forest of Nisene Marks. From the highest point in Land of Medicine Buddha (1000 ft), there is a short 0.2 mile connector trail leading to West Ridge Trail in Forest of Nisene Marks. The last half mile to the waterfall is along a creek, which we have to cross multiple times. The best time to visit is soon fater a thunderstorm.

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