Hikes in Uvas Canyon County Park
1 Jan 2012
Uvas Canyon County Park offers a combination of challenging hikes, creeks, plenty of waterfalls, tall trees and well-maintained trails. A short 1-mile "Waterfalls Loop Trail", close to the main parking lot is the only one of its kind in the bay area.

Best Months to Visit: Winters, after rains, when the creeks are flowing with water. There are hikes for everybody, ranging from a short 1-mile hike (Waterfalls Loop) to a challenging 9-mile hike with 3300+ ft elevation gain. We visited Uvas Canyon on 23 January 2010, soon after two weeks of steady rainfall. No trails were muddy. On the whole, it was one of my most pleasant hiking experiences in the bay area.

List of Hikes
2.8 miles
900 ft
Swanson Creek - Uvas Creek
A gorgeous route that stays adjacent to creeks throughout.

3.5 miles
1200 ft
Waterfall - Knobcone - Contour
An awesome short loop through waterfalls and creeks in Uvas Canyon.

5.6 miles
1600 ft
All Waterfalls in Uvas Canyon
A spectacular hike that visits all waterfalls and cascades in Uvas Canyon. Best done in late winter or early spring, after heavy rains.

4.0 miles
1700 ft
Knibb's Knob
One of the steepest trails in the bay area offering panoramic valley views along the way.

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