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26 Feb 2013
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Thankfulness Videos

TED talks and videos expressing gratitude.
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Alice Herz Sommer: "Everything is a Present"

A 12-minute video about 108-year old Alice Herz Sommer. She is a skilled pianist, a mother who raised her child through the Holocaust, and a cancer survivor. Her style of talking made me giggle many times :) She lives by herself in a tiny London flat and practices piano three hours a day. Key themes in her life are music, thankfulness and optimism.
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Jim Carrey — Commencement Speech

Jim Carrey speaks like an Eastern mystic! A beautiful speech — inspirational, joyful, comical.
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Majestic Sandstone Caves by Ra Paulette

Ra Paulette is a sculptor who has been digging massive, ornately carved, sandstone caves in New Mexico, USA, for over 25 years. He calls them "wilderness shrines", massive in scale, poetic in design.
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A Bank Account of Happy Memories

An inspiring story of a 92-year old woman who chooses to be happy.
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Piggy Sue — Vodafone Ad

A cute ad by Vodafone, New Zealand. It promotes compassion for animals.
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