Recovery from Shin Splints
9 Mar 2014
Recently, I met a physiotherapist whom I really liked: Niraj Hazari at Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Mountain View.

Two months ago, I wondered, "Why am I not recovering from my shin splints? It's been several months now." A good friend gave me an insight, "Because you don't want to. Your motivation to recover is not strong enough!" I understood what he was saying. Somewhat annoyed at myself, I kicked into action.

One good thing I did was to meet Niraj Hazari (thanks to another good friend for recommending him). In the first visit itself, Niraj made me do a series of stretches and strengthening exercises. Between each exercise, he made me squat, measuring my comfort level and noting whether I was loading both legs equally or not. To my great surprise, my pain actually vanished at one point of time in that session. But my pain wasn't permanently gone - I was asked to do these exercises regularly, which I did (very important).

Within a week, I started organizing short hikes like Stanford Dish, increasing the distance by one mile each weekend. Yesterday, I spontaneously jogged about 0.2 miles uphill at Uvas Canyon. And I was totally comfortable scrambling along the creek, hopping over fallen trees and large rocks. Totally awesome! :)

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