Trail Running: Mission Peak
2 Jun 2013
Mission Peak is a relentless climb: 6 miles round trip and 2100 ft elevation gain.

(1 June 2013) My first trail run to Mission Peak. Ascent: 60 mins. Descent: 36 mins.

Overcame a mental block today. In 2000, when I was 27, I was injured at Mission Peak. I had gone up with "Bhoot" from IIT days :) He was fit and I was not. But I had major enthusiasm! Both of us had come "running" down in about 25 minutes. My friend was just fine - it was child's play for him. But I had conveniently injured my lower back.

In 2000, I had no respect for warmups or stretching or focusing on my breath or clearing my mind. I wasn't even aware of many of these concepts. A calf stretch seemed "silly" to me. It felt like a "waste of time". My approach was: "I can do whatever I feel like and my body will be just fine - it will recover." Well, that's not quite true.

What's different in 2013? I read more, I make friends, I ask them for help, and I'm more cautious. I do take risks like the Mission Peak jog downhill yesterday. But I have a much better idea of myself in terms of my body and my mind. I pace myself and I'm so much calmer. A major difference in my thinking is: "I have to do these activities for a lifetime, not just one or two times." This long term view is important: "I'm in these activities for the long haul. So I'm willing to make progress slowly, step by step. No rush."

Jogging uphill was next to impossible. Mission Peak is darn steep. But trail runners do it and so will I in a few more attempts!

My motivation is Arthur's mindblowing video.

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