Wallet Minimalism
11 Jul 2013
Only six cards in my pocket now: drivers license, 2 credit cards, 1 ATM card and 2 health insurance cards. Plus a few bills totaling $60 and a piece of fine cloth to wipe my specs.

Some 15+ rarely used cards are at home in a pouch. These include frequent flyer cards, credit cards, bank cards, library cards, and other random cards. I wonder if I really need all of these. The AAA card is in my car's glove box.

Many thanks to a good friend who made me buy small sized wallet from Amazon for $3 (plus $2 for shipping). He discovered wallet minimalism when he started biking. As a biker, there's no room to carry two bulging wallets.

For the last fifteen years, I had so many cards and bills that I carried two wallets, one in each pocket! For an inexplicable reason, I always carried my IIT Delhi identity card with me. I first got that card in 1991. So it had been in my pocket for about 22 years! No more.

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